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Membership & Eligibility Requirements

General membership meetings occur approximately every month in each chapter.  Screening Committee meetings will occur generally every month as well.

Membership Requirements

Members must commit to attending most of the general membership meetings, and are also expected to play an active role in group functions.  These functions include:

  • Attendance at most general membership meetings
  • Sponsoring and screening potential companies
  • Performing due diligence at least once per year
  • Mentoring portfolio companies
  • Serving on a board of directors or board of advisors of a portfolio company or serving as the ongoing Deal Manager for Delaware Crossing’s investment in a portfolio company
  • Payment of the annual membership dues
  • Payment of special charges that may be assessed on a given investment, such as expenses associated with an exit, that are determined to be unreasonable to impose upon the group as a whole
  • Execution of and compliance with the Membership Agreement provisions including accredited investor representations; release from liability for fellow members and other indicated persons; code of ethics; and confidentiality terms. Attendance at a general membership meeting shall be deemed acceptance of Membership Agreement terms for persons admitted as members, in the instance of neglected execution of Membership Agreement.

Eligibility Requirements

Our members must:

  • Be accredited investors (as per SEC standards)
  • Make their individual investment decisions
  • Invest on their own behalf and not on behalf of other persons
  • Have track records managing, building or counseling successful companies either as entrepreneurs, operating executives or professionals
  • Be proposed and sponsored by an existing member
  • Be approved by a consensus of the active members or membership chair or committee
  • Be experienced in angel investing, leading due diligence, structuring investments, and coaching entrepreneurs
  • Form an extensive peer network of domain expertise and contacts for subsequent funding, talent and technology
  • Dedicate significant time and effort, including attending meetings, screening candidate companies, and identifying and analyzing investment opportunities
  • Invest a minimum required amount per year

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