Delaware Crossing invests primarily in high growth industries, such as information technology and life sciences. Functional materials and other innovations will be considered when they meet relevant criteria.
Software, Internet, IT, and related

Industry Specific Criteria

Software, Internet, IT, and related

• Technology is launched and commercialized or at least is in the initial release stages of development
• Established barriers to entry such as patents, trade secrets, or unique intellectual capital
• Revenue model with significant recurring revenues (licensing etc…)
• Management team with (1) industry related or domain knowledge (2) operating experience (3) ability to operate and build a team (4) history of success
• Scalable product and business model
• Initial customers

Medical Device, Therapeutic, and diagnostic companies

• Company is able to reach key milestone and obtain next stage of funding with a Delaware Crossing investment
• Key milestone will generate follow on funding
• Well-defined and specific solutions
• Product fits triad of need: Patient, Physician, Payor.
• Pricing and Reimbursement models strong and easy to implement
• R&D, Proof of Concept, or Clinical Trials (indication of solution legitimacy)
• Feasible development plan
• IP option/license
• IP or other protection provides a competitive advantage
• US and key international markets
• Sufficient patent life
• Claims are robust and appropriate for product
• Sound patent claim- patentability based on whether product is novel, inventive, useful
• freedom to operate

Advanced Materials, Functional Chemicals, and Consumer Products

• DCIG investment enables Company to reach milestone that will justify additional capital and/or a commercialization event
• Product has demonstrated performance in a relevant environment
• Product has interest or support from end-user
• Go to market strategy is clearly defined
• Typically, component products must provide advanced performance, lower cost, ease of use, or other clear benefit to the value chain
• Product has IP protection
• Consumer products should also have a trademark or branding platform
• Exit strategy and expected timeline are defined

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